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Callie Jacobs – Mind Fucked By My Step Sister (S17:E4) [2160p]


Description: Callie Jacobs and her stepbrother Jay Romero have gotten together in the biblical sense before, but Callie is prickly about when and where Jay can fuck her. When Jay comes into her room and starts creeping on her, Callie isn’t in the mood. Later, though, Callie puts on a short miniskirt and a bright red thong. When Jay comes in and asks what she’s doing, she makes sure he gets a good look at all the goods before she tells Jay she thinks that she lost her phone under the couch. When Jay gets on his knees to look, Callie hops onto the couch and pulls her thong aside, telling him that he can lick her pussy. Although Jay is hesitant, he isn’t about to pass up the offer of that bald puss.

Date Production: 2021

Date: February 15, 2021
Actors: Callie Jacobs

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