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Lucy Belle (Scene 2 From Boca Chica Blues) / To Save Her Husband She Took It In A Luxurious Ass. [320P]


Description: Upon learning that her husband-rogonos was raked into the cop, the girl quickly figured out how to get him out of there. She came to the police station at night and offered her charms to the cops (and both at once) in exchange for the freedom of her beloved. The lustful animals did not think for long, immediately seeing all the splendor of a young, hot body, but for this they are ready to release the whole monkey. The poor man sadly watched as a young and depraved beauty wife, screaming and wriggling with pleasure on the huge cops’ members, gloriously opening her narrow holes, to the state of a squelching swamp … BUT PERSONAL FREEDOM IS WORTH IT (and you can deal with a slut later ).

Date Production: 2010

Country: Italy

Date: March 17, 2021
Actors: Lucy Belle

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