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Kendall (Housecleaning Slave Gets Toilet Swirly In Golden Water / 06.12.2017) [1080P]


Description: Kendall does her hair and makeup while her slave cleans her bathroom. She makes the slave kiss her perfect ass while she applies mascara, then she tells it to go back to cleaning her toilet. Kendall makes the slave stop cleaning and get out of her way, so that she can pee. Then, for her own amusement, she holds the slave’s head in the dirty water. She gives him a swirly while laughing. The slave coughs for air and is very miserable at what his Princess has just done. His misery is funny to Kendall. She decides to give the slave a second swirly. Kendall puts his head back in the toilet bowl. The slave is even more miserable after the second swirly. Kendall laughs a lot at the loser. She leaves, but orders the slave to stay and finish cleaning her bathroom.

Date Production: 2017

Country: USA

Date: March 22, 2021
Actors: Kendall

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