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Tessa (03-02-2014) [720P]


Description: I just love it when I ask a girl on my couch why she thinks she’s pornstar material and her answer is because I have a lot of sex!. Hey, I eat a lot of food so maybe I should run a McDonald’s franchise! But advanced reasoning skills are NOT welcome here as that would just make my job harder and we wouldn’t have girls like Tessa, a 22 year old girl-next-door who grudgingly takes it up the ass from a stranger in a cheap office – for a chance at modeling jobs that don’t actually exist. Our faux redhead is a bit nervous during her casting interview, so to bring her out of her shell I ask her to do a masturbation demo with this gigantic dildo that looks like a fist. I’m half serious but more than anything I just need her to loosen up. It works, she’s fairly easy game from then on, all the way up to the assfucking part, which takes some convincing because it’s been years since she’s had a gentleman poke her backdoor. She asks me to stop a second after I unload my cum inside her ass so this all worked out just fine (for me).

Date Production: 2014

Date: March 23, 2021
Actors: Tessa

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