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Ryanne (Steep Price Of Debt) [1080P]


Description: After drugging, fondling, photographing, and strangling the flighty redheaded model to death, the photographer takes his time with his freshly dead corpse. He slowly checks out her neck and the stocking still tied to her long, slender neckline. He starts slowly checking out her large and perfect breasts with his fingers, rubbing and pinching the still erect nipples. He grabs them one at a time then together. He wants more so he moves around the sofa to get a frontal view. He kneels down and plays with the huge mounds more, then licks and sucks them both thoroughly. He sticks his face in between them and rubs them all over his face and head. He pulls the dead girl up to him and undoes his pants, he takes her feet up over his shoulders one at a time and then grabs the pair of pink high heeled pumps from her bag. He puts the shoes over her toes so they dangle and smells her sexy feet and shoes. He is infatuated with her feet and worships them in his face and mouth. He starts to fuck her and gains his rhythm banging her so her big tits jiggle to and fro. He goes deep, then flips her over to check out her ass and her soles, sizing her up for a bit of doggy style. Her soles are perfect and her ass is spectacular. He fucks her burying her head in the sofa. He fucks her doggy for a bit slamming her ass hard as he fucks her. He then flips her back over, now really interested in the feet for the rest. He gets her ready for some foot loving as he wrestles her dead body on the couch rag dolling her and posing her in a sexy death pose so he can cum. He gets her feet up on the arm of the sofa and sniffs her soles and her painted toes. The deep red is his favorite and it shows. His mouth is open and he is panting, licking his chops for the feet. He once again dangles the pink pumps from her feet and then lets them drop, reposing them on the feet, then standing up to mount her feet he gets rid of the heels and fucks her bare feet until he cums all over them, shooting his cum on her toes so the paint on them sparkles. He lets her have it all on her feet and when it subsides, and after rubbing his dick all over the feet, he slowly exits to get cleaned up. Body pans follow as the sexy, dead, and posed redhead model lays feet up on the sofa arm, covered in cum. After viewing her sexy dead body and face, feet, eyes, tongue, and breasts, he comes back in and grabs the envelope with the check and tears it up and of course has something smart to say. A couple more views follow with the ripped up check on her breasts.

Date Production: 2016

Date: March 27, 2021
Actors: Jigsy / Ryanne

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