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Blake (27.11.2017) [720P]


Description: If you’re one of the 5 people on earth who haven’t seen Paris Hilton’s infamous sex tape from, oh a million years ago, you can get a quasi-Night In Paris catch-up by watching Blake’s casting video today. She says she gets confused with Paris Hilton a lot and Vince and I believe it. Although Paris’ dick sucking skills in the video appear to be about on par with Blake’s (mediocre), the heiress falls short on taking it up the ass, like Blake does. Mind you though, Blake talks a good game during her interview about how anal ain’t no big deal . Fast forward 20 minutes and it’s a painal show she won’t ever forget. She also claims she’s a real freak in the sheets, which makes her perfect for porn. Blake definitely is overly confident in her sexual skills and aptitude but Vince brings her back to reality which his cock mastery pretty quickly. Highlights are definitely the anal, and the massive creampie Vince shoots in her pussy – which I then tell her to eat up and the let dribble out again for your enjoyment. This chick walked in like a princess and left like the cum-filled gold digger she really is. Sound familiar?

Date Production: 2017

Date: February 17, 2021
Actors: Blake

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