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Katerina (1444 / 04-01-2014) [320P]


Description: The most popular casting ever is back with more delicate stuff for you. Would you fancy a young, sweet blonde? 19 years old beauty from Northern Bohemia is called Katerina. She just graduated from high school and wants to work at school. She’s been dating one guy for 5 years. She confessed she had seen only two cocks in her entire life. She is a well-behaved girl. And very beautiful one as well. Her body is perfect, tits fitting right in your hand and pussy that begs you to be licked. She seemed to maintain her reputation, but suddenly she found a hard magic wand in her hand. The magic of the camera worked and Katerina did thinks she had no idea of being capable of. Watch this lovely brunette in the most popular show on Earth! It’s worth your time!!!

Date Production: 2014

Date: February 18, 2021
Actors: Katerina

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