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Kelly Shaw & Mistress Joslyn / Disciplined Fuck-Hole (03/13/2020) [1080P]


Description: Mistress Joslyn’s slave has been caught slutting her ass around at all hours of the night. She knows that her holes belong to Mistress Joslyn and only Mistress Joslyn but still disobeys. Slave Kellie Shaw just can’t be trusted to leave the house without getting her holes fucked and filled but that is about to change. Mistress Joslyn whips out a big, strap-on cock to give her a punishment fucking she won’t soon forget. Slave Kellie needs to be reminded who that ass belongs too as she gets a deep, hard dicking by her Mistress. Once Kellie has had her holes properly punished by dick she is given one last form of discipline. A locking steel butt-plug is fitting perfectly into her ass making sure she will never be slutting her hole around again. Mistress Joslyn now holds the keys to her locked cock and locked ass. Slave Kellie will finally learn who owns every part of her body as Mistress Joslyn has no intention of unlocking the slut any time soon.

Date Production: 2020

Date: April 19, 2021

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