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Risa Murakami – Mother Was Raped By The Classmates Of Her Son (Asagiri Jou, Madams) [406P]


Description: Doting Mother in front of a son down the face to the act of shame of exposing the silliness climax! Mother Risa that doting son son is shocked to know the facts are bullied. Directly to the poor students who have made a hand, I request the body of mother for son and protest instead no bullying … . It’s Risa drinking conditions for her son to love, but the erratic behavior of the poor group, eventually develop into aspects exposing the silliness in front of her son’s eyes! ! (Google Translate)

Date Production: 2012

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Date: April 25, 2021
Actors: Risa Murakami

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