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Brooke Lyn Rose – Richard Maddow [720P]


Description: Anytime I see short hair on a chick and sharp line I think of two things: Rachel Maddow and Bull Dykes. We put this carpet muncher to the test. We had her eat ass like she was chowing box as she was getting sodomized by a patriarchal probe. She munched and munched as her ass was turned into a bruised orifice. By this time she was soaked in yellow discipline, and had a belly full of it too. She got DP’d and yakked up a mess until she was wearing it. She did some dirty ass to mouth, and she kept on like the trooper she is. 3 degrading loads to her face and the process was complete.

Date Production: 2020

Date: May 1, 2021
Actors: Brooke Lyn Rose

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