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Harley Ace – Therapy Part 2 [478p]


Description: In the first half of this installment, Harley Ace found her way to the office of therapist O. T. in order to help her sort out the violent and sexual dreams she had been having for many years. He proposed an unorthodox treatment wherein he would expose her to the fears and desires she had in her head. Once Harley was under his control, he decided to explore some of his own sick twisted fantasies. Now we return to the two of them, still in the midst of immersion therapy. We find Harley sat up on the couch, her legs spread by shackles at her ankles, and her neck and head held tightly in place by a metal collar. O. T. has decided to ramp up the intensity of his treatment for the second half of their session together. It’s easy to see the fear behind Harley’s eyes as she watches him drag it across her skin, and when he rubs the flat side against her clit her body visibly tenses up. She shakes as she tries to hold her body perfectly still so as not to end up getting accidentally cut. Shaking and whimpering is all well and good, but when O. T. takes out the flogger and starts beating Harley’s face and tits with it, all of the tension she’s built up breaks into a thousand pieces and she is sobbing and screaming. It only gets louder when O. T. takes out his tot. It’s not even close to her by the time she is screaming no and trying to pull away from its electrified tips. She’ll be alright though. The good doctor knows that the best way to calm her panic is with a hitachi vibrator and a metal pussy hook.

Date Production: 2020

Date: February 20, 2021
Actors: Harley Ace

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