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Clea Gaultier – Il Lungo Addio 2 – Goodbye My Love [360P]


Description: Il Lungo Addio is Italian for The Long Goodbye, and as Alis Locanta’s reimagining of his 2014 classic begins, sexy Clea Gualtier is writing a parting letter to her lover. But as Clea watches muscular ebony stud Jesus Reyes in the pool, she has second thoughts, and tears up the letter. Jesus catches the French beauty with her hand inside her tiny panties, fingering her pussy, and pulls her into a passionate kiss. He caresses her lovely small tits, and she kneels to free his cock from his shorts, sucking the bulbous head avidly and stroking the heavily veined shaft. Clea moans with gratification as her man’s dick stiffens, filling her mouth, and she gazes up at him, her expression a mix of love and lust. She gives it her best shot, drooling and slavering as she sucks it, but can’t quite fit the entire length of his prodigious pole down her throat. Moving to the couch, Jesus tugs aside Clea’s skimpy panties and licks her shaved pussy, her squeals of pleasure turning to long, deep moans as he laps at her juicy folds and pushes his tongue deeper. Clea straddles Jesus and feeds his thick dick into her tight slit, her hips rocking and her ass cheeks quivering as she fucks him to a vigorous rhythm. She slows her bouncing to savor the intense sensations, then speeds up again as her excitement builds, spinning around into reverse cowgirl and strumming her clit as she slides up and down on his fat shaft. They move into spoons and Jesus takes the reins, spearing Clea relentlessly from behind, driving her to a noisy, powerful climax. Switching to missionary, Jesus jackhammers into his girl’s sodden pussy, pulling out at the last moment to paint his hot cum over her smooth pussy lips and neat bush. Clea scoops some up with her fingers and tastes it before they kiss lovingly. It seems hot sex cures all, and it’s not time for a long goodbye just yet.

Date Production: 2018

Date: May 5, 2021
Actors: Clea Gaultier

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