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Ivy Snow – in My Obsession With Daddy – Lust and Family [720p]


Description: Scene One: Lust and family Ivy has gained a strange obsession of wanting to fuck her father. Every video she see’s online only makes her want it more. Can we have some daddy daughter time? We don’t spend enough time together. Ivy asks her father, pressing her large breasts against him. I need to go! he says at the thought of his daughter hitting on him and rushes out of the room. Later that day he’s taking a shower when Ivy tries to join him. Put some clothes on! He yells at her. He hides in the shower until she leaves. But Ivy is going to fuck him no matter what. He wakes up to his cock being sucked under the covers. At first he thinks it’s his wife, but when he lifts up the covers he finds his daughter bobbing up and down on his cock. His wife is sleeping soundly next to him as Ivy looks at him with her big eyes, her naked body rubbing against him, her mouth sucking him off until he cums as quietly as he can. Ivy leaves with a smile and a mouth full of her dad’s unwilling cum.

Date Production: 2016

Date: February 20, 2021
Actors: Ivy Snow

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