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Kimber Woods (Filthy Vegas Pick-Up / 08.02.2018) [1080P]


Description: For the set-up to the scene, the good Dr P brings Kimber back to the house we’re renting after partying on the Strip and they fuck the beejezus out of each other. Bastards wake me up and I can’t get back to sleep. First thing in the morning, I decide to check her out with my camera through the crack at Pascal’s bedroom door. Next thing I know she’s woken up and she’s sucking him off, she’s seeing me, inviting me in to talk about money if I want to carry on filming, then she’s got his cock right down her throat, dribbling all over it when she rises back up, doing it again and again. P eventually wakes up, springs right into action and we’re off. He sticks his dick right up her asshole there in bed, then in the bathroom, then we take her on a tour of the house so all you guys can see what lucky cunts we are staying in such a great place. Kimber gets totally ruined in the hallway, in the lounge, in the kitchen, spanked, face-fucked, choked, used and very thoroughly abused, and cums again and again and again. Then she’s stamped and made to glug down the famous Pascal White love potion. So some things never change, eh?

Date Production: 2018

Country: USA

Date: June 10, 2021
Actors: Kimber Woods

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