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Bailey Base – The Horniest Stepdaughter [720P]


Description: Bailey is at an age where she is horny all the time. Her stepfather has caught her masturbating in his bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. She can’t seem to stop playing with her sweet little young pussy. She tells him how sorry she is and that she can’t help herself. When he sits down to discuss the problem with her, she tells him she has never seen a penis in person. Being the caring stepfather that he is, he asks if she would like to see his. She says that she would and could she play with her pussy while she looks at it. Sure, says the stepdad. Afterwards, she asks to touch it and then lick it. Of course says the helpful stepdad. After sucking his big cock, she asks if he could put it inside her. Yes he says. Man, he really cares about his stepdaughter. He gives her the monster fuck of her young life. It’s nice to see how family helps and supports each other.

Date Production: 2020

Date: June 12, 2021
Actors: Bailey Base

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