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Goddess Valora (Edge For Your Goddess / 03.10.2018) [1080P]


Description: Princess Chloe had sent one of her slaves to Goddess Valora for some additional conditioning. Today, Valora wants Chloe’s slave to devote five worship edges to its Princess. Valora toys with the key to the slave’s chastity device. The slave must worship Valora’s beautiful ass in spandex leggings before being allowed to touch itself. Finally, Valora grants its release and the slave jerks eagerly. It must edge for Valora in devotion to Chloe. Valora intends to reprogram the slave’s mind. She wants to deepen and reinforce the slave’s psychological connection between physical pleasure and debt. Valora aims to build a very strong connection in the slave’s mind between the two. The slave must listen to Valora and edge exactly as she instructs. The slave must stroke when she tells it and stop when Valora commands. When the slave doesn’t listen carefully, Valora gets mad and slaps it in the face. While the slave is on the edge, Valora talks seductively about it going further and further into debt for women. The slave must admit that it is a pay pig. Pay pig is its’ new identity. The slave begs to be put back in chastity so that it can be a good pay pig and take Valora and Chloe straight to the mall. The slave obediently locks itself back up and presents Valora with the key. Valora snatches the key from it and off to the mall they go

Date Production: 2018

Country: USA

Date: June 12, 2021
Actors: Goddess Valora

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