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Missbehavin26 – Bullies Blackmail Mom Infront Of Son [720P]


Description: First part of video is all from my POV you see me on the floor and three boys surround me you speak to them off camera. They have been bullying me for a while now and you ask them very angrily what the hell is going on. I get up and apologize and I explain to you the situation I say I’m sorry they made me do it, I’m so sorry! You’re leaning over too see if I’m ok and your tits are coming out of your dress. You help me up confused and asking the 3 bullies again what is going on angrily. They get close to you and push them away and say excuse me just what do you think you’re doing?! They tell you to ask me and I tell you we have to do what they say mom or else… they’ll release these… I pull out my phone and show you naked pictures I took of you without you knowing. You are furious! and ask how I got them. I tell you that they said I had to take them or else they would beat me up I’m sorry! They begin to inch closer to you again and you say fine what exactly do you want huh? is it money? they say no we want to see more of you, you’re the hottest mom at school. You refuse really mad and say didn’t you get enough from those pictures?! The leader takes out his phone and you see him about send his copy of the pictures to everyone. You say fine, here and you flash them all your tits really fast and ask if they’re happy. They say no, more. You grumble loudly turn around and lift your dress revealing you’re not wearing panties. I say mom! what the hell?! You tell me to shut my mouth cause I’m the reason we’re in this mess and dad will hear us I was getting ready to go out with your father and this is what he wanted me to wear! You pull your dress down thinking it’s over. But the leader says you dont get it Mrs B we want to see it all and he plays a song on his phone. You give me a side eye giving me the angriest look without saying a word and begin to dance for them taking off your dress and ass shaking full body shot from my POV (this part only needs to be about a minute long). While you were shaking your ass you didn’t notice that they had all pulled out their cocks you turn around and put your hands on your hip and say wow ok I know where this is going lets get this over with I try to walk away and you yell at me and tell me to stay because this is my fault. You look them up and down and you are in shock at how big their cocks are you confused, shocked, and turned on all at the same time because they have such huge cocks. But you dont show you’re turned on you keep your angry reluctant demeanor though this is important. You wet your pussy with your hand and bend over standing doggy hands on knees with your ass off camera so I’m looking at your side from my POV far enough shot that I can see legs and feet. The first guy pumps 4-5 times and cums on your ass. you start laughing turn around and look at him with your hands on your hips are you fucking kidding me? after all that talk?. Still keeping the same camera angle You pull the next guy and start to blow him aggressively gagging alot since his cock is so big after about a minute he cums on your chin and tits. You laugh again with more disappointment in your voice and say wow you boys arent that tough. It’s finally the leaders turn. This part switches to the leaders POV. You look at him disappointingly still with your hands on your hips he pushes you onto the couch and you start laughing cause you think he’s gonna cum fast too. Missionary POV you look down at his cock before he enters your smile fades and you say wait wait it might be too big. He enters your roughly and starts pounding away. It feels good but you laugh cause he can use some pointers you start giving him some tips (faster , slower, right there etc. . ). Pretty soon you start getting lost in the ecstacy cause it feels amazing. I try leaving again and you say dont you fucking move! you watch this so you learn your lesson!. He’s fucking you so good you cant even speak you just start yelling and moaning. Dad calls you from upstairs, you stop with a shocked look on your face. You yell to him and tell him everything is ok while the leader is still pumping you slowly. You look at the leader pull him close and tell him to fuck you harder until he cums in you before you two get caught. You take a huge load in your pussy that lasts like 15 seconds.

Date Production: 2017

Date: June 25, 2021
Actors: Missbehavin26

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