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Meggan Mallone (Scene From Meggan’S Sexy Stories) / She Took Revenge On A Friend … Giving The First One. [352P]


Description: The girl had a cheerful boyfriend. Having tamped the included vibrator into the girlfriend’s pussy and leaving the control panel at home, he drove her out of the car to walk through the crowded city. All exhausted by the juice of desire and periodically moaning (when the sadist increased the speed), the beauty literally ran back to the car in minutes. Slightly caressing the girl who was almost crazy with thirst for a penis, the pervert took her to his yacht … and did some business. Unable to endure the insults, angry and dissatisfied … the girlfriend GIVED WITH HEAT TO THE FIRST GUY WHO WAS GATHERING AT THE BERTH – the sailor got lucky, the beautiful woman jumped onto the penis.

Date Production: 2009

Country: USA

Date: June 29, 2021
Actors: Meggan Mallone

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