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Kyler Quinn & Jeannie Marie Sullivan – A Lucky Break [1080P]


Description: A Lucky Break starring Kyler Quinn & Jeannie Marie Sullivan – Kyler, a teen runaway trying to hitchhike her way to Hollywood, thinks she caught a lucky break when she gets a ride from Jeannie, a successful actress. Jeanie offers to let Kyler crash with her and introduce her to some agents and Hollywood people. Naive Kyler thinks she has it made and she is on the fast track to stardom. Once at Jeannie’s house things get creepy when Jeannie walks in on Kyler changing and starts inappropriately complimenting her body. Jeanine spontaneously offers to do give Kyler some acting tips and offers to do some improv role-playing with the young, aspiring actress. Jeannie instructs Kyler not to break character no mat her what. Things quickly turn sexual and Kyler, unsure if she should break character or go along with it, reluctantly gets seduced into her first lesbian Love Scene. Presented by SheSeducedMe. com

Date Production: 2020

Date: June 30, 2021

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