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Une Patiente Chez 2 Gynecos Tres Pervers (Sexedenfer-1079-Vacuum) / One Patient At Two Perverted Gynecologists (Sexedenfer-1079 – Vacuum Pump) (Sexedenfer.Com) [288P]


Description: A very cool, although not very young woman came for an examination to two gynecologists. And at first everything went well, but then, the sight of his naked body literally transformed the Aesculapians! Forgetting about the oath given to Hippocrates, they began to wash the patient’s point, check all her holes, and not only and not so much with gynecological mirrors! And it all ended with abundant sperm emission and a vacuum pump on the unfortunate (and maybe happy) patient.

Date Production: 2008

Country: France

Date: July 1, 2021

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