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Summer Day [432P]


Description: Like most housewives, Summer Day is bored, horny… and kinda lonely. I mean, with Hubby working all day long, what’s a pent-up gal to do but wanna blow some steam off? Summer’s been shopping so much lately, she’s over it. Summer’s also a very horny housewife, and she has taboo thoughts. Lately, Summer’s been thinking a lot about taking a black lover, but that could lead to a lot of drama. Her safe bet? Rent a dirty movie that features well-hung black men fucking white girls. She’s even gone as far as to visit an adult bookstore, but there’s no way she could take home a DVD of that nature! Which is when the store clerk reminds Summer that’s one of the reasons they have an viewing arcade in the back of the store! Summer has no idea what she’s about to step into… and did I mention Summer doesn’t think it’s cheating if it only goes in her ass!?!

Date Production: 2016

Date: February 23, 2021
Actors: Summer Day

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