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Machiko Ono – Tokyo-Hot N0849. Fair Body Girl / Tokyo Hot [404P]


Description: This vid follows the basic Tokyo-Hot formula. After having her pencil bag cum in, a Japanese schoolgirl has a camera/funnel shoved into her pussy and several guys ejaculate into said funnel. The scene transitions and we see a bit of cunnilingus and a blowjob. Cut to the toy scene where several dildos and other toys are rubbed over her body and inserted into her pussy. Afterwords four guys line up and she proceeds to blow each one ending in a mouth shot. In traditional Tokyo-Hot fashion she is then fucked by a series of men each one cumming inside her shaved pussy. Enjoy.

Date Production: 2013

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Date: July 20, 2021
Actors: Machiko Ono

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