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Pre-Flight Preparation (Scene From A Levego Fenegyerekei) Nikki Montana [432P]


Description: Dreams of the sky – technical employee Lyuska – have always been tormented! After all, the pilots are so courageous and beautiful! But what to do when a smart girl but for health reasons was stabbed to death when entering the faculty of aeronautics? How else to cross with the wolves of the skies? No problem! You can sit closer to your body and become, for example, a hangar technician! Even if not airplanes, but hang gliders! (Hello to Valery Yakovlevich!), It’s even better and more interesting! It takes even more courage to fly! Therefore, it makes no difference to Lyuska on whose equipment to ride – the commander of the plane or the hang glider! If only there was a fair wind in the ass and the piston went back and forth in time to the reduction! It was here that Sanka and Vaska were working on flight training – how could poor Lucy resist? Oh, and our darling swooped in today! There have never been so many dives and barrels in her young life!

Date Production: 2005

Country: Hungary

Date: July 28, 2021
Actors: Pre

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