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Description: It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was getting ready for a date. After a nice bubble bath, I went to my bedroom to try on some clothes for my date since I wasn’t sure yet what to wear. The more clothes I tried on, the more indecisive I became. So I called my stepbrother, Jake, to come and help me pick the right dress. He sat down on my bed and I nonchalantly dropped my towel to try on the first dress. Jake’s jaw dropped immediately when he saw my hot tattooed body. He could barely focus on the task at hand but I enjoyed the situation. I thought he might have a foot fetish because he couldn’t take his eyes off my sexy tattooed feet and black pedicured toes. I thought for sure he would love to suck on my toes and lick my high arches. I realized I’m actually so turned on by this little perv in front of me! So I sat next to him and put my sexy tattooed feet on his lap and told him that I know he is dying to play with them. He nodded and with that, I put my long toes in his mouth. I made him lick my toes one by one and let him lick my wrinkled soles with my toes flexed. He went down on me but from time to time he pulled my slutty feet into his mouth and worshiped them. I told him I needed his dick at that moment. I wanted to choke and gag on his big fat cock. He didn’t hesitate and gave me his huge hard cock. I was slobbering all over it to get it ready for a juicy slippery footjob. He almost came between my soles as he was fucking my slutty feet. He spread my legs and slid his big hard cock into my juicy pussy. He fucked me all over the bed while sucking on my toes and licking my soft soles. He was fucking me from behind and when he just couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled his cock out and came all over my sexy wrinkled soles. Cum on soles is so hot. I’m still indecisive about what dress to wear for my date but not sure if I even want to go anymore after this slutty footsex episode with my perv stepbrother.

Date Production: 2020

Date: February 25, 2021
Actors: Kali Roses

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