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Raven Wright – Aka Raven Right [1080P]


Description: Fresh off her debut over at Backroom Casting Couch we have 19 year-old Raven Wright who thinks she’s here to work with Jake the director, and boy he can’t wait to get this girl naked. Yes Raven has talent representation now and is a full-blown porn star, but this scene was shot back on 5/20/2020 when she was just trying her hand at sex-work and fresh off the farm so to speak. So Jake picks up Raven at the airport and wastes little time getting her naked and sets the trap with some roadhead. It’s pretty obvious that Raven loves to suck cock, and is a pleaser as well by how lost Jake gets on the way to the hotel. We also find out that Raven likes acting, film/production sets, and sex. Great combination girl and we agree you’re in the right place for exploring all her hobbies in more depth and explicitly. So after a fantastic blowjob in the car and some, not so common to Raven, pussy play the ambush is set and Jake takes our little newbie to his favorite spot outside to play around with her more. Things heat up and just while Jake has his cock down her throat, Hotel Security aka Isiah Maxwell surprises them? Hey! We have cameras around and you all can’t be doing this here Isiah explains as Naked and Afraid Raven curls up on the ground embarrassed. Unless I’m involved that is, Isiah says. Raven does admit though she knows who Isiah from his twitter but that doesn’t dampen the mood as these two waste no time in getting more familiar with each other and swap bodily fluids. Yes some days are better than others and these two take hot festivities up to the room were Raven checks a few more items off her bucket list. First sex with a black guy, CHECK! First roadhead with Jake, CHECK! First time in a long time having an orgasm during sex, CHECK! Glad we could help you girl expand your sexual repertoire while giving you some well needed BBC.

Date Production: 2021

Date: August 23, 2021
Actors: Raven Wright

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