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Kya Dakota – Virgin Vengeance [540P]


Description: Kya is a big boobed beauty who who has recently been dumped. She wanted to wait until marriage for sex but her boyfriend wasn’t as patient. To get back at him Kya has decided to make a sexy video showing him what he will be missing. At first she is naked, exposing her huge tits and sucking on a dildo, but Rodney thinks a more realistic approach is the best way to make the ex jealous. Soon Kya’s juicy soft lips are wrapped around Rodney’s cock and the drool cumming out of her mouth shows she is having a good time. Jealousy is unavoidable when Rodney covers this massive mammaried tart with a Rodney blast and judging by her smile Kya is pleased.

Date Production: 2012

Date: February 27, 2021
Actors: Kya Dakota

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