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Jimena Lago & Miriam Prado – Triple Delight [1080P]


Description: Naked cuties Jimena Lago and Miriam Prado cuddle on a picnic blanket, as Anna Richards’ erotic movie Triple Delight begins. They are watched by busty Miriam’s partner Jorge Prado, who strolls over to join them, eager to be the meat in a very hot sandwich. Miriam strokes her man’s cock until it’s rigid, then offers it to her girlfriend’s mouth. Soon they are sharing it avidly, tongues meeting around the tip and dancing up and down the shaft as they take turns sucking it. Jorge strokes Jimena’s shaved pussy before thrusting into her in missionary, fucking her steadily as Miriam rubs her clit. He switches to Miriam’s pussy, plowing into her while Jimena rides her fingers and lavishes attention on Miriam’s big breasts. They switch position again, Jorge fucking Jimena doggy style while she eats Miriam’s pussy. Miriam straddles Jorge, riding him in cowgirl until an intense orgasm sweeps through her voluptuous body. She moves astride her lover’s face while Jimena impales herself on his cock, so the girls can kiss as they get pleasured in unison. After orgasms for both, they dismount and finish Jorge with a double blowjob, his cum shooting everywhere.

Date Production: 2020

Date: February 28, 2021

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