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Chiki Bunny [720P]


Description: New, almost unused, GREAT BLUE EYES and an amazing ass. This is how Chiki Bunny is, a 20 years old girl from Barcelona that had her first sexual experience at 14, she had only fucked her first boyfriend and 6 years later she breaks up with him and starts catching up fucking practically 20 dudes, all in one go. An estimation that, if we are honest, may be too conservative. Claiming her new sex life, Chiki comes to us shy, very very shy to our studio, giving us one-word answers and eyeing everything so she can mimetizing with the sex smell that can be found in every corner of our pleasure paradise. Thing is, that shynes becomes a girl that feels ready to boeast her sex feats, such as: masturbating watching lesbian porn, fucking some stud with her girlfriend and exchanging the dick from mouth to mouth and from pussy to pussy, fucking at home with her parents in the next room and while they know and respect it (as it should be), stopping the fuck with a guy ’cause his dick was so big that she had to run to find some measuring tape… and so on. As we said, the more she speaks, the more her tongue looses. To sum up: kinky, young, she likes girls, boys, big cocks, and wants to catch up sexually. What better for that? It’s obvious: becoming a porn model at FAKings. What happens in this video? Well, the fact that Chiki misses something that you can’t find every day, which is: a good and black cock. Welcome to FAKings, Chiki, your sex fantasies will become true from this day on.

Date Production: 2021

Date: October 13, 2021
Actors: Chiki Bunny

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