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Bxby Kitten Aka Baby Kitten – If You Don’T Fuck Me, I’Ll Tell My Mum (21.05.2021) [1080P]


Description: What are we to do about Bxby Kitten? Her first time on PSS, she essentially barged her way in onto Pascal’s cock — textbook star fucker, get backstage and get on your knees. We’re very okay with that here. Then, since we wrapped that last scene — which was quite good — she’s been waiting in the wings to be let in again for more. We’re quite okay with that too, so we pull back velvet rope once more and unleash this little cockmonster for Bxby Kitten Part II – two cocks that is. You may remember Bxby being new to sex, losing her virginity at 18, but she’s been on a tear every since. Still, you can sense the new-car smell on this whore, which is most certainly why she comes to us. We dirty old bastards are more than happy to lend our must and bend her into a well-seasoned fuck toy; it’s what we’re here for. Since last time, she’s become much more confident of her do’s and don’ts, and that my friends it what Dom/sub play is all about. Here’s Bxby’s Do’s: – Slapping Face & Ass – Spitting – Hair Pulling – Gagging – Throat Fucking – Degradation & Humiliation Enjoy!

Date: October 14, 2021

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