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Eliza Ibarra – Seducing My Landlord [720P]


Description: Eliza Ibarra loves where she lives; It is so close to her University and he landlord pretty much leaves her alone; except that she can hear him fucking whoever he brings home night after night. Why can she not get that cock? She is right there in the other room. A girl can only masturbate so much. She needs that cock and will do whatever it takes to get it… even if she has to take initiative. Eliza walks into the outer room wearing her sexiest lingerie. Hook, line and sinker. She got him now. How can anyone not want to fuck her? Those perky little tits and that beautiful trimmed pussy is begging to be touched; pinched and ultimately fucked! Eliza gets that hard cock in her mouth and feels him throbbing so hard for her. Now this is an amenity she could not live without! She loves the way her landlord takes her and fucks her brains out. Now Eliza knows why those girls scream and moan so loud! That cock is the best and makes her cum so hard. He doesn’t need those other girls but maybe she would not mind joining in the fun if he does happen to bring another girl home every now and then!

Date Production: 2021

Date: October 16, 2021
Actors: Eliza Ibarra

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