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Description: We’re pulling up to the baggage claim so look for a unicorn Jake. Yes a unicorn I said, and judging from her submission video she’ll probably have a lollipop in that pretty mouth of hers prepping for the soon to be road head. Well, if you were expecting a beautiful blonde dame sitting naked on a unicorn you’re getting everything but the horse with today’s hot MILF Lolly Dames. But has she had any horse sized cocks you ask? Well that’s up for debate I think but she does admit quite jokingly during her post shoot confessional that Jake’s the biggest cock she ever fucked… for a Caucasian person… LOL! I can guarantee you that it’s the best fucking she’s had to date because Jake wore this Hot MILF out and road this unicorn bareback till her cervix was bruised. Also many people ask if the car pickups are staged? I don’t know, you be the judge because when we had to stop for gas she took a breather from sucking Jake’s cock to ask why there were so many cameras in the car and if this was for a video? So there’s that! I’d also say she wasn’t expecting to get fully naked and have Jake manhandle her juice box to 2 of her 6 orgasms for the day either. Sounds like a good time to me though ladies, and for the chosen women that do get to visit the back seat of the Hot MILFs Fuck Carriage who might not be expecting the shenanigans to begin right away? They’re sure glad they do once the fun and the O’s start a flowing. It’s not a bad way to get picked up from the airport one might say. But enough of the car sex and more of the Condo festivities because this is were the real heavy fucking takes place. You betcha Steve, and Jake begins with great haste throat fucking our mom who admittedly hasn’t been fucked by a large cock in quite some time. And that dazzling, oh so bedazzled pussy of hers with all its jewelry and piercings, looking so fine by the way, gets more attention from Jake and the Magic Wand than you could shake a stick at. Well Jake does shake his stick at it and shakes it a lot today. I’m guessing this girl needed it and needed it badly from a young stud like Jake who knows what the fuck he’s doing with genitalia. The answer to that question is a FIRM as Jake’s cock YES and I’d say Jake SUCKceded in his mission of giving Lolly the fucking of her life. It’s bound to be one she won’t soon forget. She’s already asking to come back and get more. As my mother used to tell me, Too much of a good thing is never enough Steve. So sit back everyone and grab your favorite Magic Wand, or the wand between your legs gentleman, and get ready for some bare backing, horse trotting, ass spanking, hee haw’ing of a unicorn riding good time.

Date Production: 2021

Date: October 17, 2021
Actors: Lolly Dames

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