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Mila Monet , Paisley Paige – Unsnapped [1080P]


Description: Hot vlogger Paisley Paige and her sexy bestie Mila Monet are back from a shopping spree. They throw their shopping bags on Paisley’s bed, tear them open and start a livestream clothing haul, showcasing all the cool new things they bought. The theme of the day is snaps! Snap jackets, snap bracelets, snap shirts. The girls found everything you can wear in a snappy version. They even found matching bodysuits. Little do they know that Paisley’s roommate, kinky Damon Dice, is totally obsessed with the sound of snaps. As soon as they start trying on their newly bought treasures, Damon shows up, attracted by their crisp sound. They chase the perv out, but Damon eavesdrop on them and jerks off, imagining the precious little buttons snapping and unsnapping under the girls’ fingers. By the end of their livestream, the girls are only wearing their tight bodysuits. Paisley rushes to the door and opens it. Naked Damon tumbles into the room. Paisley and Mila are shocked for a moment, but soon start scheming. What are they going to do with the pervy roommate? Maybe it’s time they give him a snappy lesson!

Date Production: 2021

Date: November 23, 2021

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