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Emelie Crystal , Lee Anne , May Thai – Make Her Jealous [1080P]


Description: Pigtailed cutie Emelie Crystal is sunbathing, sexting and snacking, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie Make Her Jealous begins. She’s exchanging flirtatious glances with sexy May Thai, but she is frustrated when May’s stunning girlfriend Lee Anne joins her by the pool. The raven-haired beauty kisses May passionately, giggling at the thought of Emilie’s eyes on them as their embrace grows heated. Emilie goes indoors, smiling wryly as May lifts Lee Anne’s top to caress her gorgeous breasts and suck her nipples. Lee Anne repays the favor, removing the Asian sweetie’s bikini top and tonguing her perky breasts while grabbing her perfect ass. May kneels, pulling down her girlfriend’s shorts and licking between her plump pussy lips, driving her wild. Lee Anne is soon so breathless with arousal she has to sit down, spreading her thighs so May can eat her to a mindblowing string of orgasms. May’s dark nipples are hard as diamonds, as Lee Anne licks her through her bikini panties, then tugs them aside, gazing up at her with gorgeous green eyes as she eats her pussy skilfully. May goes face down ass up over the back of the sofa so Lee Anne can lick her from behind, giving her a powerful orgasm.

Date Production: 2021

Date: December 2, 2021

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