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Ashley Adams [720P]


Description: Cruisy. That’s how you’d describe the hole we discovered in a little adult bookshop in a non-descript part of a city a little while ago. Before we found it, no one knew about The Hole. Now, it’s cruisy. It’s getting so bad, in fact, the shop owner is becoming very aware of the amount of foot traffic. He’s worried about Cops. So when Super-Slut Ashley Adams charged in and immediately asked, where’s the action!?, our store owner got a little freaked out. In fact, he denied any knowledge of anything at all. What does Ashley do? Well, prove she’s not a cop, of course! With that business out of the way, it’s on to The Hole, where Ashley gets banged out until she squirts, and then takes such a deep cream pie, well… she’s either off to the drug store for a Plan B pill or she’s gonna be making baby plans!!!

Date Production: 2016

Date: March 5, 2021
Actors: Ashley Adams

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