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Katrina – Unfaithful And Impudent [720P]


Description: After a party, a drunken wife brought her new lover to the family nest. Apparently, the lover is not very rich even without an apartment, since for sex with a new acquaintance, he did not rent a hotel room and did not bring her to his home. Not! A couple in love burst into the apartment of the compliant husband of a dissolute wife. And the whole joke is that they burst in there, not when the husband was on a business trip according to the standard scheme of treason, but at the very moment when he was at home and read a book about the exploits of the great knight Ivanhoe. Having poured into the soul of her husband with the words: Now – this hedgehog will live with us, the wife began the prelude to sexual intercourse with her lover. To the husband’s question: What, should I watch ?, the wife replied: You do not bother us at all, you can watch. And my husband watched …. and with every minute of viewing, his horns became larger, more graceful and graceful)

Date Production: 2015

Country: Russia

Date: April 27, 2021
Actors: Katrina

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