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Tina Tiny – Back Home 2 [1080P]


Description: Sexy brunette Tina Tiny returns home from work, giving a naughty upskirt flash of her panties as she climbs the stairs. In the bedroom, she kicks off her high heels and spreads her long legs, fingers dancing over her panty-crotch. She smiles blissfully, unbuttoning her shirt and unhooking her bra so she can caress her gorgeous breasts, her nipples stiffening enticingly. Naked on the bed, she strokes her shaved pussy, gasping with pleasure as she thrusts her fingers into her tight slot. She goes face down ass up, masturbating avidly; then sits with thighs spread wide and rides her fingers to an intense orgasm, all the stresses of the day forgotten.

Date Production: 2020

Date: May 4, 2021
Actors: Tina Tiny

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