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Jana Cova Belle – Scene1 – Jana Cova,Kina Kai [720P]


Description: Jana Cova was up first during the credits as she pawed Kina Kai in the living room. Little was said between the ladies as they felt each other up and ate at the Y, the tint of the setting looking remarkably green when I watched it (maybe someone set the camera up wrong?!?). In any case, Jana pulled out a large black dildo and both gals showed some oral acuity with it, a little titty play leading to the vaginal sex they shared. I ignored the footsteps in the background and concentrated on enjoying the scene for all the positive aspects it provided, Jana’s lead soon reversed to allow Kina to spank the cutie’s ass and lick her sweet cheeks. Kina’s oral exploration then progressed to her using the dildo on Jana, only stuffing a small portion of it inside our heroine and kissing her before it ended.

Date Production: 2007

Country: USA

Date: May 7, 2021
Actors: Jana Cova Belle

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