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Dominica Phoenix – Soaking Wet Redhead Fucked Deeply (20.10.2017) [1080P]


Description: It’s an easy Sunday morning the day after Dominica Phoenix and Kristof finally hooked up. There had been months of tension, but young love won’t be denied, and as Kristof washes up in the bathroom, Dominica walks in wearing his shirt. Smiling at the object of his affection, Kristof takes Dominica into his arms, and she pulls his face in close to kiss him. Eager to please her new lover, Dominica stares sensually into his eyes as she gets onto her knees to give him a blowjob. Kristof picks Dominica up and lifts her onto the sink, where he gets her pussy wet with his tongue, tasting her sweet juices. Lifting the redhead into his arms, Kristof carries Dominica into the bedroom, where the two make love passionately, exploring every inch of each other’s bodies. After Kristof finishes sucking Dominica’s natural tits and fucking her deeply, he cums on her pussy while staring lovingly into her eyes, then kisses her with the intensity of a man who has found his queen.

Date: February 20, 2021

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