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Mia Melano – Wild Side [720P]


Description: She was always the sweet innocent girl, smart, popular, from a rich family and she just moved to the city by herself for school. She’s excited to be on her own and shes away from everyone she used to know. she finally feels free to redefine herself however she wants and she’s tired of the role she’s been in. Her first night in the city she meets Derrick at a bar and he offers to show her around town the next day. Normally she wouldn’t go after a guy like that but she wants to do something dangerous and it seems fun. He picks her up and takes her around a little. The excitement of the being on the bike and close against him gets to be too much for her and she suggests ending the tour early to go back to his place.

Date Production: 2019

Date: June 22, 2021
Actors: Mia Melano

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