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Nessie Blue – You Talk Too Much [2160P]


Description: Cute brunette Nessie Blue lets her mind and hands wander, her message to Deny Lou clear: You Talk Too Much. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, Nessie silences her lover with a finger to his lips, followed by a sweet kiss. He takes the hint, squeezing her beautiful breasts through her top, before sucking her nipples tenderly. Kissing his way down, Deny peels off Nessie’s shorts and eats her shaved pussy, then fingerbangs her to a breathless orgasm as she strokes his thick cock. She straddles him on the bed, her lovely breasts jiggling in his face as she rides energetically, until another powerful climax ripples through her petite body. They switch to spoons and then missionary, Deny thrusting steadily to drive his sweetheart wild. Nessie trembles through one peak of bliss after another, clinging to her man tightly, then jerks his copious cum out over her silky skin.

Date Production: 2021

Date: October 19, 2021
Actors: Nessie Blue

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