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MB446 Little Caprice (Little Caprice Framed And Vibrated / 26.11.2017) [1080P]


Description: ‘I need to come over and try the frame!’, Little Caprice wrote us in a cute message with lots of emojis. She must have seen the floor frame in one of our updates. Not many people know that the famous Little Caprice is actually a very submissive kinky girl. She loves bondage and especially pet training! She hates chastity belts though, she is way too horny for those. Well, we thought the perfect solution would be to give her exactly what she wants! The frame, but with a little extra bonus, to keep her happy. Turns out she does not like a magic wand when she can not control it. Oh well, she will have to deal with it now!

Date Production: 2017

Date: June 21, 2021
Actors: Little Caprice

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